You, Me, 


Restoring The Feminine Collective
- The Foundation -

November 2nd

A 30 day container to revive your fullness, heal & reclaim your Divine Feminine & activate your immeasurable potential!
(Fuck yeah!)


Restore Your Feminine Power & Reclaim Your Sovereignty 

There's something missing from the personal development world in the revolution of the Feminist movement and Asti & Britt have fucking cracked i!

How can we, as women, say that we support each other and craving to create a life of empowerment, connection & bliss if we are not dealing with the foundational traumas that women have not only been victim too but also been the culprit of such trauma's?!

If you have ever been bullied OR been the bully...
If you have ever been gossiped about OR been the one to gossip...

If you have ever judged OR shamed other women based on stereotypes...
If you have ever shamed other womens expression of sensuality OR felt shame of your own
If you struggle with jealousy OR comparisonitis...


Then bitch, buckle the fuck up. We've got something your soul is desperate for.

Both Asti & Britt have listened to the pings and also reflected on their own journey to how they got "here" and this 4 week container is the FOUNDATION of such success in all facets of their life!


Why this, why you?

If you are a woman who is all for #womensupportingwomen then this really is the fundamental layer to allowing yourself to unlock your full potential by taking accountability for your part in the Divine Feminine Collective.

Don't get it twisted though... this isn't a container of just seriousness & deep healing... this container is made for you to THRIVE and have some fucking fun along the way!

These 4 pillars to restoring the feminine collective are enabling you to be able to then liberate yourself within your own fucking success no matter what that looks like or which path it takes!

Both Asti and Britt stand by this work as these pillars are what allowed them to create the life of pleasure and abundance in their lives today!


If you dream of being a fit role model for your beautiful children, see yourself empowering women within your own business or want to start creating a real life soul family sister hood then this yummy 30 day container is for you! 


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What do the 30 days of Magic Look Like?

What's the investment?

Within this 30 day container, Starting November 2nd, Britt and Asti provide you the most delicious and sacred facebook group to begin the journey of cultivating deep connections and love for other women.

4 weeks, 4 calls & a forever changed life (you're welcome 💁🏼‍♀️)

Call 1

Awareness & I am sorry

Call 2
Archetypes & activations

Call 3 

I forgive you

Call 4

These incredible calls will be hosted on zoom and you'll receive support in the sisterhood on facebook 


We've made it easy for you Goddess.

It's a one time payment of $300 OR

two fortnightly payments of $160

So you beautiful bitch... Want to change your life with us?


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