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The Goddess Academy™

A 4 module course to create the foundation to your transformation. All for just $44.44!

Gain access to unlock the your potent transformation to embody your goddess AND awaken your life!

If you are looking to call in your soul mate or deepen your current relationship...


If you want to be a magnet for money...


If you want to activate deep levels of worth and love for yourself...

If you want to manifest successfully and call in your ultimate desires

Then this course is 100% for you!

Not only do you gain access to this life changing course, you also gain access to a sacred Facebook group too where, from time to time, you will get your chance to receive free mini readings AND be supported by other goddesses around the world!

The modules are:


1. Set Up for Success- so YOU can gain clarity on where you're headed (that's half the battle!) 

2. Limiting Beliefs Road Map- crush your blocks and open up to be an energetic match for all of which you desire!


3. Step Into Gratitude- access new energy so you can successfully manifest!

4. Healing the Masculine & Feminine Energies. The most potent and powerful module of them all. Embody your goddess to allow for your TRUE transformation (yum!)

All of this for $44.44?



"I am just so freaking happy to be part of this. I did the first meditation yesterday morning. It had me in tears- it was such a beautiful experience to finally let all that go! I cannot wait to continue on this powerful path!"

H Miller - The Goddess Academy 2020

"Hey gorgeous girl! 
I joined The Goddess Academy a few months ago and shared that I was in a bit of a dead-end manifestation wise... I honestly think that just by being seen, heard and held by you and your community sparked some beautiful energy within me & out into the universe. Since being in this container, I have manifested the most craziest stuff!
I just got back from a luxurious trip of my life on a super yacht and have been SHOWERED IN SO MUCH GOOD SHIT!!
Thank you for giving us a space to share and set intentions and DO THE WORK!

Thank you, MORE PLEASE!"

The Goddess Academy 2020