Stevie Nupier

Wellness Influencer

"Please do your soul a favour…

INVEST in a session with the incredible Britt from Conscious Alchemy. I promise you will not regret it. 

After feeling emotionally unstable and energetically blocked for weeks, my body (and intuition) had been begging me to enlist the support of Britt in helping me re-centre myself.

Britt is so thorough in her sessions, taking the time to tap into you on what feels like a cellular level.

She guides you so effortlessly and powerfully while working on your energetic body through a visual, intuitive and sensory experience.

Britt literally read my body me like a book, the way she articulated the inner landscape of my deepest thoughts and emotions was something I have never experienced before. #mindblown


I came out of the session feeling an overwhelming sense of LOVE, like myself again, so much so that I started leaking profusely (I’m a breastfeeding mama and Britt had the oxytocin coursing through my body haha).

Britt, I am so grateful to now have you in my self-care toolkit! Your healing hands and heart, are such potent, magical medicine."

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Hollie Azzopardi

Wellness Influencer

"Britt is pure magic.


Her natural healing abilities have enabled me to unlock some challenging energetic blockages, supporting my growth at a soul level.


I always leave sessions feeling grounded, relaxed and with a whole new wave of motivation and momentum. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Jade V

Embody Your Body Program Participant

"Brittney has literally changed my life!


My outlook on life has changed, my opinion of myself has changed, I am doing things that I would have never dreamed possible just a few months ago.


To see so much change within myself and to share it with a group of supportive, like-minded, powerful women has been a complete dream!
I have been completely blown away by my own personal growth throughout this program and can't wait to see what happens for the rest of my journey!

I could not possibly recommend this program more! 


If you want to change your life, please don't pass up on this opportunity!"


Energy Healing


"Brittney is just amazing she is so  bubbly, authentic and full of life!


I had a healing session with Brittney and can I just say wow!! This is only after one session!! She makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.

She helped me reach a level of myself that I haven’t felt for so long.

I didn’t realise how much pain and trauma I had stuck in my chest (literally) and with Brittney’s help, I was able to reach this pain and release some of it (there is still more to come!)

I left feeling expansive, confident and standing in my own power. I would definitely recommend seeing Britt. 💖✨"


Embody Your Goddess Online Program Participant

"I have followed Brittney on social media for a while because was so inspiring to me.


I took the leap and did her 'Embody Your Goddess'  online program.

I was a little reluctant at first to jump in but it has been the most amazing thing that I have ever done for myself!! 

Brittney is so powerful. Her energy and understanding of the human soul radiates.

She has helped me understand my core beliefs and my true intentions in my life. She was able allow me to dive into my issues that I didn’t even realise were affecting my life so much.


After connecting with her and doing her course I have a deeper sense of who I am and what I truly deserve in my life. She has a gift to read people’s energy and tap into them in such a way that is purely divine and special!" 

Steph M

Previous Client

Saying Yes to myself and investing in me was one of the best life choices I have ever made and joining forces with Brittney has made this all possible. 

I look forward to our group calls every single time.

What I love about the program is the creation of an authentic, safe space where real connections are made with each one of the girls in the group.

I love the added bonus of guest speakers which has helped me put into practice the tools and actions required to get the work done.

I have grown and created shifts I never thought possible since starting the program.


I continue to surprise myself each week with how much I am learning and how simple it can be.


Don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share of challenges & struggles which have made me fearful and wanted to give up “Say it’s too uncomfortable or hard I will just go back to the way I am comfortable with”.


However, the best thing this program, Britt & the girls in the group have all taught me is if I am not going to show up for myself in life then no one else can or will. 


I have the choice to continue to tell the same story, or I can choose to stand up, show up, heal my wounds and create a whole new, exciting, beautiful journey made for me and my inner goddess.


Take the leap you truly deserve and say yes to you and invest in a lifelong change! Join the Academy!!"