Step Into Your Light Worker™

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Hey you beautiful bitch,

Have you been searching high and low for a course that will elevate your spiritual gifts in both your personal life and also your business?

Have you been wanting to start to delve into the world of being a light worker but Reiki just doesn't feel right, or you are practitioner with no ability to make your gifts even bigger?

Have you been wanting to connect to the fifth dimension and start living life in constant communication to your guides?

Have you been wanting to start living your life completely trusting your intuition?


Have you purchased a few oracle decks and feel a strong pull to our La Luna?

You love it but.... now what?

Does the woo-woo make you go OOO-OOO FUCK YAAAS BITCH!?

Have you been wanting to learn differently modalities to help yourself and also others?

Well then bitch tits, if you answered yes to ANY of these, this course is 1000% for you!!

Okay, this sounds amazing, but who are you Brittney?!

If you haven't already seen my name is Brittney (bitch) and I am a Goddess on a mission to bring women back home to their limitless potential and their true soul's calling!

Let me be living proof that creating an abundant life does not mean 3-5 years of putting in the "hard yards".

I begun living my life and creating my light worker business in February 2019 with a group programme "Embody Your Body" and from there I gave my full attention to 1:1 coaching, healing and psychic intuitive readings!

Within these 18 months, I have had the absolute honour of serving women all over the globe guiding them to their own unlocking and harnessing their power as Light Worker.

Learning these fundamental teachings allowed me to pivot my life personally, professionally, mentally and financially and I just KNOW if you give yourself the chance, you're about to lean into an incredible new life.

So give yourself permission to connect with your soul, connect with your guides and connect back to your life with my 3 day live training: Activate Your Abilities

Is This Potent AF Course for me?

If you have felt an attraction to learning more about the chakra's and how by healing and activating them, they can transform your life... learning how to clear energy, activate your very own psychic abilities,  learn how to work with angels and the energy of the universe and start creating a strong as fuck connection to your guides... well then yes bitch, this course is DEFINITELY for you!

You are a woman on a mission to re-learn a lot of your soul make up and begin to uncover the veil life has pulled over your eyes.
If you've always felt like you were here to do something, then that is because you are.

If you have been fighting your mind about what you should do in your life, getting frustrated in your job or life as it just feels mundane and NOT fulfilling, if you are feeling empty and want to learn more about yourself, then this Activation Training is for you!

Have you been drawn to the incredible world of the healing arts but you've had Reiki a handful of times and you just don't vibe with it?

Reiki is fucking amazing but what you need to know is there is so much more to the world of healing that you cab be privy to within this course.

Step Into Your Light Worker is for the Goddess who wants to take her healing into her own hands, beef out her emotional, spiritual and healing tool kit AND receive DNA activations to allow her to be the badass, grounded light worker that she is born to be.

What will the course cover?

Not only will you be getting up close and personal with other badass light workers in the making but you will have the HONOUR of being held in an intimate container with The Magic Maker aka Brittney (bitch)



Over the course of the 3 months, you will receive activations, teachings and practices to elevate your gifts. 
They include:

  • Activating connection to source and higher self

  • Learning how to bring energy into the body and heal yourself and then others

  • Shadow work

  • Breath work

  • How to read tarot

  • How to use your pendulum

  • How to correctly use crystals

  • Learn about sex magic and turning on your power

  • Understand what angels to work with and what capacity

  • How to channel via automatic writing with your higher self

  • Establish connection to other spirit guides and channel with them

  • Activating your psychic abilities and turning UP your intuition

  • Learn how to read The Akashic Records for yourself and also others!



This program is going to kick off September 14th and is a combination of module work and fortnightly calls. First call will kick off the week of the 21st September (date and time TBC)

The live calls are going to be 90 - 120 minutes where we can further activate, heal, share and practice on each other!

"But Brittney, I can't make the live call!

Fear not young grass hopper! Every live call will be recorded and I will be creating extra space outside of our calls to practice!


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