This session is for the woman needing to gain clarity in her business, life and relationships.
You don't need a program and you don't need 1:1 coaching but you DO need some help bringing it all together.


A  90 minute deep dive call that incorporates an oracle/tarot reading, energy healing (the most important part) and strategy to propel you into your action steps to create your best life that you know is at your finger tips.


90 minutes of total transformation to allow you to start creating everything you know you wanted you just don't know how!

This is for you if you:


  • Are looking to jump start your life
  • Have thrown yourself into personal development work and just can't seem to tie up the loose ends
  • Have purchased an oracle reading and need help in creating the actionable steps surrounding your downloaded message and need to heal just that bit more to let go of what ever it is that's holding you back 
  • Your business needs more execution and results but you're at your wits end as to how to achieve this let alone know what the results are
  • You're a start up and want some clarification and a check list of things that need to be actioned specific to YOU and your business
  • You are looking for a one off transformative experience to really get you **there**


Once you have purchased your session, you will receive the confirmation with Brittney's scheduling link in a seperate google document.

Please note there are no refunds and if you require to re-schedule, 48 hours must be given.

The Missing Link- 90 minute

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