The Goddess Awakening

Results to last a life time...

This Academy is your foundation to healing, growing and transforming into the Goddess within, living life to your full potential.

So often we talk ourselves out of our growth, investing in ourselves & doing "the work" purely because our budgets don't allow for it. 

I mean, I can go through the whole well you need to put your money where your mouth is and figure it out how you can commit a few thousand dollars for a group program OR I can tell you;

I hear you. I see you. I feel you.​

Wondering if this Academy is for you? Ask yourself these questions:


Do you feel ashamed and guilty that you have low spirits because on paper your life looks great, but you still feel as though you need something more? 

Have you been so go-go-go that you're finding yourself on the brink of burning out but feel anxious at the idea of slowing down?

Do you consider honouring your femininity weak and too far out of your comfort zone? Are you afraid to let go because you want to be in control of everything?

When you have a day off, do you feel so lost with what to do that you end up staying home all day and binge watch Netflix? OR swing to the point of booking yourself out, having everything planned leaving no time to relax other than a couple of hours?

Do you hate seeing your reflection in the mirror when you’re trying on new clothes? Maybe you don't even go clothes shopping because you find it embarrassing and never feel good in anything?

You get a photo taken and the first thing you do is check to see how 'fat' you look or how unattractive you are?
Every now & then you like having alone time. Then that alone time becomes bigger and more widespread that you start to shy away from friendships because you'd rather be by yourself than feel socially awkward in group events?

Are you saying 'yes' to everyone else except for yourself?

If you said yes to any of these then this Academy is for YOU!

Awaken the Goddess within you. 


Let’s heal, grow and rewrite your narrative. 

So what exactly is the Academy?

​The Goddess Awakening Academy has been designed for YOU! The woman so aware that something needs to shift but cannot come up with the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars upfront to invest in themselves.

You take yourself through this program within the 3 or 6 month container- "not being able to make live calls" is no longer an excuse.
You are in control of your healing!

You ooze confidence and you feel confident... because you are confident.
This adventure is about unlearning and relearning but most importantly, it's finding love for yourself that far outweighs anyone else's opinions.

Learnings and Takeaways

You will ditch your limiting beliefs & gain the awareness to make a magical existence of what aligns fully with your heart.

You will say NO to toxic behaviour and release patterning that no longer serves you! 


You will awaken the Goddess within… she's been waiting ever so patiently.


You will action that awareness that something in your life needs to change.


You will access a part of yourself that you know is your truth.










The Goddess Awakening Academy is 3 or 6 month membership where you receive bi weekly modules that provide you with the tools to level the f**k up! 

We will dive deep the following topics :

  • Limiting beliefs and reprogramming yourself to see outside of them and stop living in fear.

  • Money mindset & developing a beautiful LOVING relationship with money. It's not evil... it's magical. 

  • Manifesting the shit out of your life! 

  • Falling in love within romantic relationships, friendships and soul sisters (IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!)

  • Finding your truth, passion & purpose in this lifetime.

  • Sensual & sexual pleasure activation to turn you on for life!


Plus, so much more!

Within in these modules you will receive:

✓ Bi-weekly video content going through the module of the week!

✓ A workbook associated with the module, breaking down the steps for you to have a seamless experience implementing the tools and healing.

✓ A meditation that directly correlates with the module to rewire your subconscious & start living in your truth!

✓ Community access to our very own Facebook hub where we can all come together with support & love with like minded super women.
















The Packages

You have the option to choose between a standard or VIP package.

Whilst the standard package is kick ass, I have created a VIP package. The VIP package is the only way possible to work directly with myself. This powerful package deal will truly propel you into the life you wish to design. 


With the VIP package you will receive everything in the standard package as well as:

✓ Monthly 1:1 energy healing/coaching session with Brittney (1 hour 15 minutes)


✓ Unlimited Voxer Access for your duration in the program!

✓ Enrol yourself in this offer and effectively you get the Academy for FREE!

Limited to only 5 women!

Commitment Level

You have the option to choose a 3 or a 6 month commitment.

​With the 3 month package you will receive 6 modules.
With the 6 month package you will receive 12 modules! 

I cannot stress how important it is not to just think scarcity when choosing your enrolment package!  If you are choosing 3 months, ask yourself the reason why. If it has anything to do with fear, scarcity mindset around money or that you'll "just start & see where it goes", explore the limiting belief behind it!


This is your opportunity to have the support and love of a coach, create conscious connections with like minded women AND have the tools to access your next level of your life WITHOUT the hefty price tags associated with group programs & 1:1 coaching!


3 or 6 month commitment

Standard Academy

This is your opportunity to have the support and love of a coach, create connections with like minded women AND have the tools to access your next level of your life WITHOUT the hefty price tags associated with group programs & 1:1 coaching!

You have the awareness that something in your life needs to change but haven't been able to action it, then this entry point is for you. 

You access a part of yourself that you know is your truth, heal her & awaken the Goddess within! 

$99 per month x 6 months

$111 per month x 3 months


3 or 6 month commitment

VIP Academy

You want to start your journey to create your up level & figuring out how to get more from life but you know you need that bit extra. 

This package is for the woman needing extra support & love.
Monthly 1:1 energy healing/coaching & unlimited voxer support to make sure you make the most of these modules & help you heal & navigate your life through the shifts

This is for the woman who is READY to heal, unlock, expand & transform.


Jump into the adventure of your next level & back yourself!


Add VIP for $350 per month

Hear From My Incredible Tribe


"Brittney has literally changed my life!
My outlook on life has changed, my opinion of myself has changed, I am doing things that I would have never dreamed possible just a few months ago."

Jayde V 





To heal is your unlocking, so why do you need to miss out just because of your household budget?


You no longer need to be indecisive or hang on every word of those around you for validation. 


You are ready to rock your being & your body in every single way possible!


You are ready to Awaken Your Goddess!

Alright this sounds too good to be true... what's the catch?

Sweet, sweet f**k all.

If you're not ready to do all the work in the dedicated months you have signed on for, it's okay! You will have this content for your LIFETIME! You can revisit whenever you need to or pick it back up when it feels right again. Just because it ends does not mean your growth has to!

You do this in your own way and in your own time but know you have the support of myself & the women on the journey with you!



Heal, Grow and Rewrite Your Narrative