\Hello you beautiful biatch!

Make sure you celebrate the fuck out of yourself for saying yes and thank YOU for trusting me to guide you to this next abundant level of yours!

What a beautiful gift you have given yourself to truly step up & into your soul!!


A recap of the inclusions of this container:

  • A monthly tarot/oracle reading every New moon. You will receive it the day before, the day of or the day after each New moon.

  • Full moon journal prompts & healing actions to start to set intentions for your desires and manifestations!

  • 60 minute 1:1 every month which you will receive the booking link with your readings each month!

  • 3 Group Calls- Body, Sensuality and Money Mindset!

  • 24 hour access to ME via email!!! It is important to note to make the most of this service! I will do my best to always return your emails within 48 hours always.

    Strictly, there is no advice or coaching to be given via Instagram DM'S - email only OR in the Facebook group!


  • You can reach me via "hello@theconsciousalchemy.com.au". Please always label the subject line with your name and "Goddess Guidance" so I can prioritise you!


This is such a beautiful and exciting chapter together and remember, I am here for you. You are NOT annoying if you email me countless times a day. You are not annoying if you ask the same question. You are not annoying if you don't know what to do/say. You are not annoying, period. 

We can sometimes get stuck in our head and think "ugh, I really don't want to annoy her" and then talk ourselves out of the action. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO SUCCUMB TO THIS NEGATIVE BULLSHIT!