Transform your business and your LIFE into the dreamy abundant version you've always longed for.

Magnetic Alchemy is your answer to manifesting your dream life, allowing you to take your business to the next level and live the life you really want to live!

While we can picture this dream life, so often it feels as though it’s just out of reach. No matter how hard we try. 

I’m here to show you how it can be done!

Is Magnetic Alchemy for you?
Ask yourself these questions:

Are you a start up coach that's been doing it for a while and can't seem to magnetise your soul clients?

Do you come home after work and just can't seem to switch off?


Do you find it hard to be present with yourself or your partner because you keep thinking of all the other stuff you need to do?

Do you end up spending your evening on your laptop punching away at the keyboard trying to come up with an offer to get people through your door?

Do you offer a service based business and find yourself freaking out week after week because you're not bringing in the clients OR the money that will comfortably sustain the lifestyle you know is at your finger tips?

You have a big message on your heart but you can't seem to find the confidence to own it, let alone, articulate it?

When asking for money in exchange for your service do you feel icky & discount heavily to get people through the door?

You have dreams of collaborating with bigger brands, speaking gigs, workshops and want to amplify your talents...


But, when push comes to shove, do you end up talking yourself out of any opportunity because you feel like a fraud and don't fully believe you have the ability to showcase your message?

Do you cringe at getting people on discovery calls because you fear coming across as a sleazy sales person?!

​When you're recording Instagram stories, do you find it a struggle to put your face in front of the camera, re-recording it a handful of times before posting?

​If you answered YES to any of these questions, Magnetic Alchemy is for you.


​You started working for yourself because you wanted to create your dream life, but the dream is not aligning with your reality. 

Until now...

So who exactly is Magnetic Alchemy for?

Magnetic Alchemy is for:

  • Start up coaches

  • Reiki practitioners

  • Yoga instructors

  • Light workers

  • Content creatives

  • Individuals who have studied at the IIN

  • Service providers (PT, beauticians, massage therapists)

Learnings and Takeaways

You will learn to manifest your dream life and everything you've ever wanted - your energy within and your energy that transmutes into your business is your biggest block.


You will create your own hours. 40+ hour weeks are dead - why are you still killing yourself?


You will stop HUSTLING! Stop BURNING OUT! Stop succumbing to that big voice of self doubt - you know, your inner bitch. She's been loud and over-powering but it's time to put her back in her place. 

There's no denying you get by within your business but what if you could flip that script and create an abundant business where your relationship with money is healed and you FINALLY start having more money coming in than you do going out. 

Healing your relationship with money is going to help you achieve financial freedom because you can freely ask for the money you DESERVE to charge in exchange for your service... No more discounting and no more being scared of letting people know your prices!

You are holding onto energetic blocks and trauma (whether you're aware or not) but it's time to heal YOURSELF FIRST so that your business can step into its full potential. 

You're ready to step fully into your business and actively create SUCCESS! Success for yourself, success in the transformations you create for other people and success in embodying your message and service


You are a light worker - you feel this calling but don't know how to amplify or activate your gifts to use them to your best ability. You doubt yourself so it's as if you've turned your volume right down. But it keeps niggling at you... this is where I can teach you to lean in and accept them fully and lead your business through your gut instincts!


You are ready to take your business from a few hundred dollars a week to thousands. Money no longer controls what you do and don't do. Freedom is yours.

You are ready to step into your truth, fully embody your message and come out in your power. There's no stopping you any more!

This doesn't have to take months and months or years to get to your level of success.


Quantum leap to your most abundant and dreamy 2020 you could have ever thought!

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The Program

In the program we will be doing a lot of the inner work, mindset re-programming, trauma release in our energetic body AND PHYSICAL body and learn to magnetise your soul clients who want to pay you what you're worth. We will also learn to harness the use of Instagram to cultivate a beautiful relationship with your potential soul clients.

From there we are able to establish a SOUL STRATEGY of which is completely customised to you. Then you can watch your business step into the success you truly deserve.


  • 12 weeks of weekly live 90 minute calls (these are recorded if you can't make them live!)

  • 1 90 minute 1:1 deep dive call

  • 1 45 minute follow up toward the end of the program

  • Email support 

  • A Sacred Facebook Support group with you and the other ladies. (This also helps any sisterhood wounding and healing your comparison-itis)

  • Unlimited Voxer voice message support between Monday-Friday



We commence October 29th!

My own transformation

My journey with this work has not only transformed and IGNITED my business, but my personal life as well.

My confidence within myself and my body sky rocketed after allowing myself to be aligned with my own worth and value that I house to impact the world!

I charge my premiums, work from home, call in soul clients and help transform their lives but not only that, my life is stress free! I have more time for my creativity and passions, more time to spend with my loving partner and I am aligned with my soul purpose and so greatly supported in the subtle realms.

Life and business doesn't have to be hard.

You will still experience the ups and the downs but how refreshing will it be to navigate them within hours instead of days, weeks or even months??

When you're blocked in your business your inspiration is blocked.

When you're blocked in money, you're blocked in your sexuality and sensuality - is your relationship suffering too?

You see, we always think that by focusing harder on our business, it will resolve EVERYTHING. 

I can't tell you how deceiving and wrong that is!

You can have all the strategies in place, the funnels and the leads but when you're not fully embodied in everything you do and when you listen more to your self doubt than your heart, there is nothing that will transform your business into its true success unless you heal yourself first.

Hear from my incredible tribe

"Britt guides you so effortlessly and powerfully while working on your energetic body through a visual, intuitive and sensory experience. Britt literally read my body to me like a book, the way she articulated the inner landscape of my deepest thoughts and emotions was something I have never experienced before. #mindblown

Britt, I am so grateful to now have you in my self-care toolkit! Your healing hands and heart, are such potent, magical medicine."

- Stevie Nupier 
Wellness Influencer


Transform your business and your life

The result is a fully unlevelled business and a woman who has re-found her love for life. Your immediate relationships are better than ever. Your relationship with your body is finally bridged. You have more money coming in than going out AND you are so grounded in your messaging that nothing is going to knock you off your path!

Take your business to the next level!