Embodiment of You

1:1 Journey

You've listened to the podcasts, read the self help books and look at inspiring quotes on Instagram but still, nothing has changed...

You're dealing with a big in-between right now in your life, aren't you?

Are you feeling crippled with anxiety but just getting on with it because if you keep pushing it away, you "WILL" be okay...


You feel like your life looks good on paper & you haven't hit "rock bottom" so really, you're fiiiiiiiine... Or so you keep telling yourself.
"It's just a little bit of anxiety", "life could be a lot worse", "it's just the way it is" frequents your mind as you justify how you feel. 

You lack the confidence to fully back yourself--
Either you want to start a new business or you want to get that promotion but you don't think you can get there. 

You've been busying yourself to the point that everyone comes first as that's how you make yourself "wanted", "appreciated" & "loved". 


You need clarity & you need to change-- that's probably all that you're clear on right now. 

Embarking on the journey to up-level in your life can be daunting but a life changing experience...

However, how do you truly expect for yourself to really rise if you're not dealing with the wounds and blockages that you are holding onto?

You cannot move through and up if you do not deal with what is already here inside you. 

That's where I come in...

This is for you if:

You have been feeling lost & not fully in alignment with yourself. You wake up almost dreading the day ahead because you're so dispassionate & disconnected for life- YOUR life!

You have questioned who you are & what it is you actually have to offer this world in this lifetime. You're unsure of your purpose or your soul path!

You ALWAYS have an excuse as to why you shouldn't do something instead of truly backing yourself and allowing yourself the space to break down your own bullshit and re-emerge as the Goddess you truly know is lying underneath all of your "shit". 

You lack the confidence to make decisions and constantly looking for outside validation. Sending pictures of new clothes to your sister or friend to make sure it's going to suit you! Asking others what they think you should be doing in your career, or even if you should be opening that bottle of red.

You really crave a deeper connection with yourself and need the space to do this in a safe, secure & 100%  personalised journey for yourself. You DO NOT need to do this on your own. 

You feel that you don't feel completely whole. You almost feel stuck in your life and not knowing how to access your up level. You're seeing everyone around you getting the promotions, getting engaged, having babies, buying houses, starting businesses; living their best life... you're doing some of it but you feel like you're being left behind-- there is something missing.  

You've been holding onto limiting bullshit stories which allows it to dictate how you show up in life. 

You can't seem to completely find your voice with your partner, your family or even your friends- in fear of sounding stupid or going against the grain of the common thought amongst them.

Sexually, you hide. You don't feel confident in the bedroom and can struggle to find that "sexy" part of yourself. Lights off is the best way

You're holding onto something. Perhaps you don't even know what it is. Nothing in your life has ever been necessarily "bad" or a certain event where you can pin point where it  "all went wrong", regardless, you know it's holding you back and you are just bloody sick of not being the best version of yourself!

Ready to kick your shit to the curb?


Why 1:1?

This 12 week 1:1 container is for the woman that is truly trying to navigate her life with ease and grace but she keeps coming up short. 


Within this personal development I am able to focus solely on you to abolish any energetic trauma & blockages that you hold in both your subconscious and conscious brain. 

Why the subconscious?

The subconscious actually occupies between 90-95% of our thoughts EVERY DAMN DAY! This is what we typically call our "programming". 

Be completely honest with yourself; what is your current train of thought? Is it limited and spirals into negativity when you feel like everything is piling up against you?


This 12 week container is like no other coaching you have experienced in the past! 
You will receive 9 sessions!

✓  3 x energetic healing sessions to clear your body of any energetic & emotional blockages that you have been holding onto to allow yourself the opportunity to truly heal and re-align your energies

✓ 9 x Coaching sessions to dive so deeply into everything that is coming up for you & have my support in order to allow you to discover how to show up in life as the Goddess you want to be and underneath it all, you are. 

Unlimited Voxer access and email support from me!

In these 12 weeks you get these 9 AMAZING sessions to really break up with everything that is holding you back and creating the space for you to unlock your potential. The world isn't going to be ready for you incredible transformation- but are you?

You are not paying only for my time but you are paying for your transformation & results

To work 1:1 together is one of the most incredible investments you can give yourself. It is an investment and there are payment plans available! 

You will need to book a discovery call to ensure I want to work with you toward your healing & that we are the right fit for each other.

I only hold 5 1:1 clients at any one time to ensure my time is spent helping & guiding YOU.

Still Need Convincing?