Unlock your

Limitless Potential 

A 7 week online program to ignite everything you are & step into your limitless potential 

Have you held yourself back because of fear of judgement from others?

Have you been so go-go-go that you're finding yourself on the brink of burn out and you feel anxious at the idea of having to slow down?

Do you consider honouring your feminine weak and too far out of your comfort zone because you want to be in control of everything?!

When you have a day off, you feel so lost as to what to do you end up staying home all day and binge watch Netflix? OR swing to the point of booking yourself out and having everything planned & leaving no time to relax other than maybe 2 hours?

Do you hate seeing yourself in the mirror when you go looking for new clothes? Maybe you don't even go shopping for clothes because you find it embarrassing and never feel good in anything?

You get a photo taken and the first thing you do is check to see how 'fat' you look or how unattractive you are?

You hate being alone and you become uncomfortable in silence.

Are you saying 'yes' to everyone else except for yourself?

Then my love, this is the program for you if you are craving to make some changes.
These changes will allow your light to shine and love to flow for yourself & ripple across your life!

You will ditch your limiting thoughts around your body, your money & your life that hold you back from experiencing it all to its fullest!

You will say NO to toxic behaviour and release your patterning that no longer serves you! 

It's time to unlock your LIMITLESS potential

You no longer need to be indecisive or hang on every word of those around you for validation. 

You are ready to rock your being & your body in every single way possible!

Let's unlock your heart, your soul & your body!


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Is this for me?

Who this program is for:

  • You are the woman that is not confident in your body and therefore in your life.

  • You hustle through life and you are usually characterised as "strong" but really you feel like you're crumbling inside

  • You will find a way to hide yourself behind someone else to block your body out from being seen in photographs because "I look gross"

  • You feel shame around sensuality and sexuality- the thought of being naked with a partner frightens the f*ck out of you

  • You find that you can't seem to get the words out! You feel overwhelmed with emotion and you get frustrated & angry. 
    You can't speak whats on your heart in a succinct manner. When you do, it's in a fit or rage and is labelled "hormonal" or "crazy".


  • You find excuses and lack the motivation to live your best life, nourish your body or even move it.

  • You have a day off & you sit at home all day just because you feel so lost and don't know how to spend your time. Being Alone watching Netflix is better than an adventure with yourself!

  • You can't take yourself out for a meal because you are literally PETRIFIED of being 1. judged for being alone and 2. being alone.

  • You don't want to buy new clothes because you WILL miraculously lose 5kgs and fit into that dress that's been in your closest for over a year because it's your "goal dress" your for the wedding rather than admitting defeat to buying something new that flatters you, feels good & fits you in the best way possible. 

  • You're always trying to loose those the last 5kgs & never getting there, or if you have, put it back on within a month or two. 

  • You put everyone else first- your work, friends, family and children which leaves absolutely nothing for you to thrive off.

  • You are afraid to show up in your body- to feel into yourself, your power and your femininity. 

  • You have not unleashed your voice or found your truth. It's there, you feel it but can't seem to find it.

  • You don't really know where to start on your spiritual growth/personal journey and gets very overwhelming with the idea that you 'should' meditate twice daily and get a few minutes in only to give up! 

  • You hide behind clothing whether it be lifeless or baggy- you're not worthy of attention or admiration.

  • You have let your own body image, your lack of worth and love, stop you from saying YES and taking those opportunities because really, can you do it?

  • You've never invested in yourself before because, really, you can't be any better than who are right now. The best version of yourself- it doesn't exist for you. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Who this program is NOT for: (trigger warning)

  • ​If you aren't ready to stop blaming other people for your current reality​ and not willing to feel uncomfortable during your own journey. You only like to avoid and run from your soul injuries.

  • You are not ready to invest in your soul & your future

  • You are not ready to declare to yourself that you will continue to prioritise yourself

  • You are not ready to give yourself the gift of healing

  • You are not ready or you do not want to up level or receive the abundance of which is your birth right

  • You are not ready to step into your TRUE limitless potential

BVxMW (474 of 479).jpg

In 7 weeks you will become and continue to be...

GODDESS, ready to step up and into yourself on every level.

Own your body, your sensuality and rock your life. 

You are in love with your essence and connected to your power!

You know your worth and flow with the Goddess within that see's you soar and says YES to a life of abundance!

You move through negativity and old patterning swiftly, shakes out those energetic blocks that have held you back and became your "story".


You become your own healer of wounds within. 

You live and flourish within your truth- the alignment of your body, energy and actions allows your life to move into abundance like it's never moved before!

Oh and by the way...
You will be your own best friend!

"I have followed Brittney on social media for a while because was so inspiring to me.


I took the leap and did her (formerly known as) 'Embody Your Body'  online program.

I was a little reluctant at first to jump in but it has been the most amazing thing that I have ever done for myself!! 

Brittney is so powerful. Her energy and understanding of the human soul radiates.

She has helped me understand my core beliefs and my true intentions in my life. She was able allow me to dive into my issues that I didn’t even realise were affecting my life so much.


After connecting with her and doing her course I have a deeper sense of who I am and what I truly deserve in my life. She has a gift to read people’s energy and tap into them in such a way that is purely divine and special!" 

(Formerly know as) Embody Your Body

Online Program Participant

Luna testimonial.jpg

Lets break it down:

7 x weekly 60-90 minute calls to delve fully into each module- All live and full of high vibes!

Week 1: Vision, clarity & awakening your soul to it's purpose

Week 2: Reprogramming your subconscious to re-write limiting beliefs 

Week 3: Full body healing- Body talk. Heal the relationship with your body 

Week 4: Boundaries, archetypes & energies (masc and fem)

Week 5: Unlocking the power of your yoni, sensual energy 

Week 6: Money Mindset and activating your abundance

Week 7: Unlock your limitless manifesting abilities!


Guest Coach facebook lives!

Full email access and support from yours truly- make the most of it!

A DELICIOUS community of women doing the program to be your soundboard, your cheerleaders and a sisterhood that will never fade!!

You are ready for your universe to be shaken up a dive right in!



You're very own personalised healing and clearing session (90 minutes) and an additional 45 minute coaching call PLUS Voxer Support Monday- Friday. 

Follow the niggle and book your clarity call


Am I able to receive a refund? Short answer is no. You're either in or your out! Don't let any more reasons/excuses stop you from sabotaging yourself AGAIN!

Is this program only for women with body image issues? Your relationship with your body is only but an aspect & can be the catalyst for holding you back in life! Although I have the intention of being the vehicle to accepting yourself whole as you are, this isn't just about what you see in the mirror. It's about the connection with yourself. That undeniable, unconditional love and connection you have with yourself & your life.

If you have been feeling lost, agitated and frustrated with life, then this program is about gaining clarity with you stares back at you in the mirror- deepening your love and lust for life. We start with your deep blockages to move, we start with your own relationship. This program is literally for you if you are wanting to create a deeper connection with yourself  

What if I can't make the live sessions? Although it would be AMAZING if you're able to jump in all the sessions live & I ask for you to get resourceful and show up to all of the calls, I understand that life gets crazy & shit happens! These are all recorded so you can view in your own time!

What if I don't get the results I want? This program is designed to be a beautiful support network to really nurture you into your greatness. In saying that, this isn't easy work. If you do the work and commit whole heartedly, then there is no reason why you would not see any shifts or changes! It is important to make the most of this beautiful container!  

"Brittney's embody your body program has literally changed my life!


My outlook on life has changed, my opinion of myself has changed, I am doing things that I would have never dreamed possible just a few months ago.


To see so much change within myself and to share it with a group of supportive, like-minded, powerful women has been a complete dream!
I have been completely blown away by my own personal growth throughout this program and can't wait to see what happens for the rest of my journey!

I could not possibly recommend this program more! 


If you want to change your life, please don't pass up on this opportunity!"

Jayde V

(Formerly known as) Embody Your Body, program participant 

Jayde testimonial.jpg




"Saying Yes to myself and investing in me was one of the best life choices I have ever made and joining Embody My Body program has made this all possible.

Every week I look forward to our group calls! What I love about the program is the creation of an authentic, safe space where real connections are made with each one of the girls in the group.

I love the added bonus of guest speakers which has helped me put into practice the tools and actions required to get the work done.


I have grown and created shifts I never thought possible since starting the program. I continue to surprise myself each week with how much I am learning and how simple it can be.

Don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share of challenges & struggles which have made me fearful and wanted to give up “Say it’s too uncomfortable or hard I will just go back to the way I am comfortable with”... However the best thing this program, Britt & the girls in the group have all taught me is if I am not going to show up for myself in life then no one else can or will.


I have the choice to continue to tell the same story, or I can choose to stand up, show up, heal my wounds and create a whole new, exciting, beautiful journey made for me and my inner goddess.


Take the leap you truly deserve and say yes to you and invest in a lifelong change! 


Join Unlock Your Limitless Potential!"

Steph M
(Formerly known as) Embody Your Body, program participant 

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