Hire me for your retreat

Allow Brittney to facilitate love  by holding sacred space to bring people out of their trauma.

Your transformation is imminent.

Brittney truly has a gift that hasn't been taught but only re-learnt from her souls calling.



The ins & outs 

Goddess Guidance is here to give you your monthly intuitive reading each full moon, for 3 consecutive months!

But what's the bonus of getting a reading for 3 months?!

First of all, your life is going to change and transform as you receive the EXACT messages your guides need you to know- what to let go of, what to focus on and when it's time to manifest the shit out of your life!

You want personalised guidance... well what better way than to get it directly from your angels and guides?

These messages will allow you to fully lean into your greatness (just how your angels want you to be) and KNOW that you are fully backed and supported!

Imagine how much easier life will be when you have clarity each month as to what you need to let go of & heal to then be able to be so on point with what your actionable steps need to be, in order to move through the darkness and harness your light!

Not only will you receive channeled messages from your angels but you have 3 months of support from Brittney to help navigate the ebbs and flows, cultivate more clarity and show up in life as the confident Goddess you will be











What you receive:

✓ A 20 minute personalised intuitively channeled message from your guides and angels with tarot & oracle cards every full moon for three months!

✓ Essential oils and mantra that is specific to your current situation that will help you get out and up!

✓ Every New Moon you will receive journal prompts  & rituals to help you call in the desires you wish to manifest


✓ Unlimited email support (Monday-Friday) from Brittney to help you navigate the ebbs and flows and create actionable steps with you to harness these messages to transform your life!

✓  Intimate Facebook group where Brittney will do a live reading every New Moon where yo can ask more questions and get the guidance you desire!





3 months of Divine Goddess Guidance and a completely shifted life limited to only TWENTY women.


This is the most intimate and affordable way to work directly 1:1 with Brittney

Are you going to be one of the lucky 20?


What are you waiting for?! 

Jump in!



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What people are saying about their Oracle Readings:


"SO F**KING ON POINT! This reading has just helped my confidence so much more in the decisions I'm about to make! Thank you, Thank you!"

- Emma H

"Holy shit, I had goosebumps. So accurate- wow! Just wow, wow, wow, WOW!"

- Leah S

"Omg... I just watched your reading... MY. MIND. IS. BLOWN! Everything you said was so on point for me you had me crying & laughing! Thank you so much- honestly, thank you doesn't seem enough!"

-Lana S

"Every reading or session I’ve booked with Brittney has been a move I’ve made based on my intuition. No ego involved. Intuition said yes every time and it never failed me. The messages given to me in every reading are always so on point and perfect for what I needed to hear in that moment. They gave me the clarity I was seeking and the confidence to trust myself and follow my heart and soul.
Words will never be able to express my gratitude for Britt and her gifts that she so graciously gives out to this world!!

If you’re intuition is telling you yes, book with her already!! You won’t regret it"



"The full moon oracle reading you did for me was overwhelmingly truthful and touched on shadows of myself that I’ve never wanted to truly admit, but I needed to hear. You spoke about the creativity hiding deep within me and it reminded me of the conversation I had in the summer with my 5th grade teacher. He asked me if I was still painting and drawing, that I was so talented when I was younger. And when you pulled the card of the new, and asked whether it was music, it’s like you were looking into my soul. I fucking love music, I’m no singer, but music has been a big part of me all my life. Thank you"

-Tash H