Activate Your Abilities

3 day Free Training to Activate your Abilities
Monday 3rd August 2020 

Alright you beautiful bitch... lets get into it.


Would you consider yourself a recovering empath?

Which basically translates to a light worker without the tools to survive life this crazy modern life.

You've been aware of something brewing in you over the years & you have told yourself to shut it off... that you're "crazy".

You want more from your life and you're completely over your 9-5 (more like 8-6)

You've loved delving into buying some crystals, some Palo Santo... hell you've even got a few aura sprays buuuut like, you don't know how to use them to their fullest.

You're drawn to the woo-woo but you don't think it's "you-you" because you don't look like Carol Baskin with a flower crown.

You've never given yourself the chance to dive in because you haven't known where to start.

Being a light worker does not mean it starts and ends with Reiki.

So lets Activate Your Abilities and start getting you in the woo-woo to change your own life and perhaps others!

"Wait, hang on... who are you?"

 Let me introduce my self 

What can I expect to feel after receivin

If you haven't already seen my name is Brittney (bitch) and I am a Goddess on a mission to bring women back home to their limitless potential and their true soul's calling!

Let me be living proof that creating an abundant life does not mean 3-5 years of putting in the "hard yards".
I begun living my life and creating my light worker business in February 2019. Within these 18 months, I have had the absolute honour of serving women all over the globe guiding them to their own unlocking and harnessing their power as Light Worker.

Learning these fundamental teachings allowed me to pivot my life personally, professionally, mentally and financially and I just KNOW if you give yourself the chance, you're about to lean into an incredible new life.

So give yourself permission to connect with your soul, connect with your guides and connect back to your life with my 3 day live training: Activate Your Abilities




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Is this 3 day live training for you?


If you have felt an attraction to learning more about the chakra's, your psychic abilities, how to work with angels and the energy of the universe but haven't in the slightest know where to start well then, yes bitch, this is for you!

You are a woman on a mission to re-learn a lot of your soul make up and begin to uncover the veil life has pulled over your eyes.
If you've always felt like you were here to do something, then that is because you are.

If you have been fighting your mind about what you should do in your life, getting frustrated in your job or life as it just feels mundane and NOT fulfilling, if you are feeling empty and want to learn more about yourself, then this Activation Training is for you!

Within this 3 day live training you will learn, activate and participate in new practices and rituals to amplify your own life!






















Day 1. August 3rd
Learning and connecting to the first 4 chakra's.
Activating your Goddess and turning on your Sacral chakra to begin alignment to truth. Turn on your intuition and begin to lead life with deep knowing.

Day 2. August 4th
Recognise and Activate your Clair-abilities/senses.
Learn all the ways your psychic abilities can occur within your journey and receive a live DNA activation from your Spirit Guides, Spirit teachers & ancestors to allow for you to start pivoting your life into honouring your souls mission and path.
Activate your Purpose


Day 3. August 5th
Learn of the final 3 Chakra's PLUS 2 others that you would never have heard of. 

The activation of such chakra's will begin your journey connecting with the 5D and start to have a conversation with your Higher Self!




In 3 days we cover:

Begin Your Ascension Journey to Redirect Your Life

You can look at what the three days provide you and think, yep, that sounds cool... But what I need you to let land is that these activations and new found knowledge are going to be the beginning of a new world for you.

Step into your abilities to own your power, purpose and now, your passion.


What you can expect to walk away from this FIIIIIIYA activation is:

  • Deep knowledge of the chakras and how to clear them yourself for your own every day use and utilise their power to create a life of abundance

  • A thriving connection to your Goddess to help you level up

  • You can expect to feel a new sense of purpose.

  • Feeling whole and content within yourself & soul

  • Stepping into the vortex of incredible opportunities and manifestations realised

  • A feeling of complete activation in your life, no more feeling dissatisfied

  • Power to choose your mission and take action!

  • No more sidelines, no more hiding, you get to step into your truth!

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